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Ganga s

Dear Jackie,

Sorry for the delayed response. I was having some issue with my tomoson account.

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to review our Nut Milk Bag on your blog site. Are you still interested in reviewing the product?

If yes, please confirm your email address, postal address and contact telephone number so that we can arrange for Amazon to ship the free sample product to you without delay.

In exchange for the free product sample we would appreciate it if you could please provide:
1/Your honest feedback on the Amazon site about The Nuts4milk Nut Milk bag.
2/ A review on your blog including a link to purchase the product from Amazon.

Please use the following link in your blog:

We would love it if you would "Like" our Facebook page

Thank you for your interest and awaiting your reply.

Nuts4Milk Marketing Team
[email protected]

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